woman wondering what molecular imaging can do for her

What can molecular imaging do for me?

Molecular imaging technology is truly astonishing. This type of medical imaging can determine what’s happening in your body all the way down to the molecular and cellular level. Where x-rays, CT, and ultrasound procedures can offer a view of bodily structures, molecular imaging can measure the actual chemical and biological processes of the body. This level of diagnostic insight can provide an accurate diagnosis before a patient is even showing signs or symptoms. So how can it help protect your health?

Offering you a non-invasive diagnosis.

Molecular imaging is painless and non-invasive. It enables your physician to diagnose and treat illness and injuries that in the past have only been accessible via biopsy or surgery. That means you gain the advantage of diagnoses without the recovery time that would come with surgery.

Protect your health by detecting the earliest stages of pathology.

Molecular imaging can identify disease in the very earliest stages. These scans can detect disease before symptoms manifest and certainly before less sophisticated diagnostic tests. Early diagnosis is key to the best possible prognosis for recovery. With PET/CT machines like the one recently installed at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, radiologists can fight cancer on the molecular level. That means they are identifying it earlier, allowing for more effective treatment options.

Molecular imaging uses lower doses of radiation, while producing the highest level of accuracy.

By utilizing an extremely small amount of radioactive “tracers” in the bloodstream, molecular imaging exposes the body to far less radiation than some traditional scans. These tracers, however, allow for much more accurate and precise diagnosis, identifying and preventing illness more effectively than ever before.

Talk to your doctor about how the cutting-edge technology of molecular imaging may be able to help you protect and maintain your health.