woman getting a body composition scan

The Body Composition Scan: Informing Your Training Program

You might have heard of BMI, often promoted as the standard for determining your “fitness” and especially your goal weight range. But for an athlete who is pushing his or her body to its highest level of performance, BMI is all but obsolete. The actual percentage of fat in your body’s composition is a much better indicator of fitness. With the introduction of the Advanced Body Composition scan, athletes can not only track the percentage of fat in their body, but can also ensure symmetrical development of their muscles.

Tracking Development and Recovery

The Advanced Body Composition scan (ABC) measures:

  • Lean mass
  • Bone mass
  • Non-lean mass (fat)

Plus, it breaks out the percentage of fat by body part, so athletes can see where their fat is concentrated. Perhaps more importantly for advanced athletes, they can see where they are developing asymmetrical lean mass, like one leg bulking more than the other. This allows them to adjust their training program to correct the imbalance and prevent injury.

For athletes recovering from an injury, the ABC scan can track the recovery and healing process as it’s happening. Regular scans (two to three times per year) can also inform athletes and their trainers on how to prevent future injuries.

What to Expect in an Advanced Body Composition Scan

The scan is quick and easy. You’ll lie down on a flat table and the arm of the machine will pass over you multiple times. After three minutes your scan is done! You’ll receive a report detailing the percentage of fat, lean mass, and bone mass in your body so that you can tweak your training program and push your performance level.

The ABC scan is a far better measure of progress towards peak performance than other methods. In fact, it often comes out measuring approximately six percent higher than other fat percentage scans, because it measures all the fat in your entire body. That includes the blood. In other words, it doesn’t leave anything to guess at when it comes to percentage of fat. For athletes pushing the boundaries of their performance, this kind of accuracy and detail is an incredible asset to their training program.

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