woman receiving a 3D mammogram in North Stafford

Imaging Center for Women Expands 3D Mammography Services to Reach More Women in the Community

FREDERICKSBURG, VA – February 16, 2018 –  Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg (MIF) is proud to announce the installation of expanded 3D mammography services at the Imaging Center for Women in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is the latest development in Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg’s initiative to reach more women in the community with life-saving technology – the 3D mammogram.

3D mammograms offer a 35% improvement in cancer detection over traditional mammograms, enabling physicians to detect and treat cancer at a very early stage. Additionally, they produce a clearer picture of the breast, resulting in fewer false positives. What does all that mean for the patient? Fewer callbacks, fewer biopsies, and greater piece of mind for women who elect to get a 3D mammogram.

3d mammography machine at imaging center for womenDon’t Put Off Your Annual Mammogram

While the number of women who receive an annual mammogram continues to grow, too many women haven’t yet made this a priority. Why is an annual mammogram so important? When it comes to treating cancer, early detection is vital. According to Dr. Roni Talukdar, “Detection size matters. If you detect it at under 1.5cm, there’s a 98%-99% survival rate. But when it’s over 1.5cm the survival rate drops to 70%.” Delaying a mammogram gives cancer time to grow, and just one year of neglecting a mammogram could forfeit the chance to treat a cancerous growth in its earliest stage.

Who Should Get a Mammogram?

“75% of breast cancer occurs in someone with no family history of breast cancer,” Dr. Talukdar says. Even if your  family history is free of breast cancer, you should not neglect a yearly mammogram. If you have a family history of breast cancer, Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg recommends that you begin annual mammograms 10 years before your first degree relative had breast cancer. Bottom line, if you are a woman over the age of 40, you should be getting a yearly mammogram.

“It’s a 15 minute procedure, once a year, that could save your life,” Dr. Talukdar told us. “Why take that chance? It’s a small price to pay for your life.”

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