Delivering Innovation that Saves Lives

Delivering Innovation that Saves Lives

Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg plays a vital role in the region. Through award winning and innovative radiology services, our doctors save lives. 3D Mammography is the latest addition to the list of technologies that can only be found in our facilities. Through a two year journey, we brought this equipment to the Imaging Center for Women.

Collaborating for Progress

As radiologists, we carefully apply the amazing power of medical imaging to look inside the human body, dramatically reducing what used to always be required — an intrusive procedure. We use our skills to support other medical professionals in both diagnosis and treatment. When our team considers new technology, their highest priority is the first principle of medicine: Do no harm. A new approach for treatment and diagnosis must be proven before being implemented.

Leading the collaborative effort is Dr. Roni Talukdar, the Medical Director for the Imaging Center for Women (ICW). He explains that all new equipment must first be adequately tested and proven through credible and repeated research. It must be proven as safe and capable of saving more lives through better prevention or treatment. This was a decision that required significant research by our doctors.

The Careful Process of Evaluation

Bringing new radiology equipment into one of our facilities is not a simple process. Not only do we have to provide substantial financial resources, but the equipment must be installed by specialists and certified by government inspectors. Plus, our entire medical and technologist staff must be trained in its proper use. Dr. Talukdar and others on the medical team followed the research and testing of 3D mammography for over two years. While the first set of research papers showed promise, the initial equipment had a high radiation dose. Other facilities chose to secure 3D Mammogram equipment earlier than ICW. By waiting, we were able to secure newer equipment that operates with a lower dose of radiation (now equal to the 2D Mammogram).

Dr. Talukdar reports what he observed as the doctors tracked a number of highly credible studies:

“This equipment was producing a real, life-saving effect. 3D mammography was finding issues sooner and missing fewer areas of concern.”

With this new technology, women could have greater confidence in their mammogram screenings and doctors would not have to bring them back for follow-ups or biopsies as often.

How 3D Mammograms Work

A 3D Mammogram operates through an important innovation — movement. Instead of a fixed position, the X-Ray arm moves in a 15 degree arc while taking multiple images. This process only takes about 30 seconds longer and provides a more complete image. Radiologists are able to see breast tissue more clearly. Once complete, each of the individual pictures — or visual “slices” — can be scrutinized to provide the best screening possible.

3D Mammograms in Our Region

“Once the data was solid, we acted to bring this technology to our community,” states Dr. Talukdar. After a two-year journey of research and review, 3D Mammograms are now a reality for our region. Women no longer have to travel out of the area to get this improved screening. More importantly, they can use this service with the confidence that their safety and benefit has been ensured by our thorough process.

ICW is now the first and only facility to offer 3D Mammography in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, Orange, and Caroline Counties, and is one of four MIF facilities (Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg).

Finding the best technology to prevent and treat our community is one of the important roles that we play. By combining the knowledge and experience of fellowship trained MD’s, technologists, and skilled administrators, our team is able to keep medical imaging at the highest quality available.

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