MIF Offers More 3D Mammography | 35% Improvement in Breast Cancer Detection

3D Mammograms are a breakthrough for breast cancer prevention that makes perfect sense; the human body is three dimensional so a three dimensional image offers more effective screening.  What is really important is the 35% improvement we can achieve in detecting breast cancer.

How is 3D Mammography Different?

Many women wonder how 3D differs from what they are used to with a 2D Mammogram. 3D Mammograms take only about 30 seconds longer than traditional 2D images, and use the same equipment. The difference it that the arm on the top of the machine moves slightly and records a series of millimeter thick images. The computer system then reassembles these many small images into a larger 3 dimensional picture.

Benefits of the 3D Mammogram:

  • The 3D mammogram allows for a much clearer image
  • Fewer call backs are required
  • Fewer biopsies are required
  • More effective with 85%+ women who don’t have non-dense breast tissue
  • More effective for receiving a baseline screening
  • Better clarity for women with dense breast tissue or personal history of breast cancer

talukdar-square“3D tomosynthesis is a major breakthrough in mammography, and we’re excited to offer it at the Imaging Center for Women. Due to the level of detail 3D tomosynthesis provides, it can detect up to 35 percent of cancers sooner. Studies show that it results in fewer call-backs and biopsies, resulting in greater peace of mind for our patients.”

Medical Director Roni Talukdar, MD, was fellowship-trained in breast imaging at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

3D Mammograms provide something invaluable
…greater piece of mind.

Update: MIF has increased the available number of 3D Mammography Stations

Because of the diagnostic value offered by the 3d Mammogram technology, and the demand for this service, MIF has installed additional equipment at the Imaging Center for Women.  This expanded capacity means that more women have the opportunity to take advantage of the technology.  Using a rotating head, the 3D Mammography station takes multiple images in a 15 degree arc, and then uses software to create a highly detailed image.

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