person comparing value of medical services

If you want value in medical care, it pays to compare.

Our knowledge about the value offered by various medical providers can help us make more informed medical choices. Like everything else that we shop for, we have choices when it comes to medical treatment, medicine and medical services (such as imaging).

Where Are Our Priorities?

What is on the top of our mind when comparing medical care options? According to a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Allan Detsky points out the things that we value most in our medical care. Of course on the top of that list are two priorities: make us well, and do it immediately.

Other high priorities include:

  • Being treated with Kindness–that means being given great and caring customer service.
  • Getting care that is Coordinated and Connected–we want all the doctors and medical staff who care for us to be connected and able to share the right information, and we want them to give us service that is well planned and coordinated.
  • Affordable Cost–of course this factor also comes into our equation. We want out-of-pocket costs to be managed and to be as low as possible.

Get the Picture?

Medical imaging, although usually ordered by our doctor, comes with choices too. Like other medical options, we want the best technology and physicians, offered in a kind manner with the lowest costs. It comes as a surprise to some people that in the area of medical imaging, we can have all of these important factors provided by local service providers.

We don’t have to travel out of the area to check off all our most-desired, important boxes.

Who Can You Trust?

As the largest regional provider of medical imaging, Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg offers the highest level of qualifications among its radiologists, tracks customer satisfaction, and provides the latest technology in 3D mammography, MRI (both True Open and powerful 3T), along with the only PET/CT scan in the area. To this impressive list, MIF has added a heart scan using calcium scoring, one of the most important new screenings along with low dose lung scans for smokers.

Checking the final box requires that we look at costs. In a recent comparison of payments and the costs charged by our competitors, it’s clear that MIF can save smart consumers in medical imaging.

Review the key findings that demonstrate substantial costs savings.