a doctor standing in front of a true open mri machine

What is an Open MRI Machine?

New technology has brought about a new MRI machine — the aptly named open MRI machine.

Meet the Open MRI Machine

When imaging requires precise patient positioning, the open MRI machine is ideal, allowing critical body parts to be scanned more easily and efficiently and with less discomfort to the patient. The open MRI machine is often used for:

  • Head Exams – To look for signs of damage from a stroke, brain tumors, aneurysms, and nerve injuries.
  • Heart Exams –  To gain clear and precise images of heart muscles, valves and blood vessels.
  • Chest Exams – To look for signs of breast or lung cancer.
  • Spinal Exams – To detect bulging discs or tumors.
  • Abdominal Exams – To look for tumors or infections in the liver, gallbladder, bladder, and kidneys.
  • Pelvic Exams – To detect problems with the uterus, ovaries, and prostate gland.
  • Bones and Joints – To detect arthritis, torn ligaments, etc.
  • Circulatory System – To detect signs of torn or blocked blood vessels.

Making Strides in Patient Comfort

In many situations, an open MRI machine can provide patients with a number of comforts. For one, it is open on all four sides, making it ideal for patients who struggle with claustrophobia. It also enables someone to stay in the room with the patient being scanned. This is great for children who might be nervous. Having their parent in the room during the scan can put the child at ease and make the scan a smooth experience.

Your doctor will prescribe an MRI as they see fit, but you do have a choice in where you go. If you are anxious about getting an MRI, consider some of the benefits an open MRI machine offers, and find one near you.

Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg offers both traditional and true open MRIs at many of their locations in the Fredericksburg region. Contact us for more information.