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What Molecular Imaging Means for Fredericksburg

The most valuable tool we have in the fight against cancer is early detection. The sooner we can detect it, the more successful we can be in our treatments. That’s why Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg makes use of the most cutting edge imaging technologies, using innovation to save lives. And now, with the addition of the latest PET/CT technology to their facility, they can fight cancer on the molecular level. This puts MIF’s PET/CT technology on par with Johns Hopkins, UVA and VCU.

What are PET/CT scans?

Unlike an x-ray, which is primarily used to examine the patient’s bones and anatomy, PET/ CT scans use “tracers” injected into the bloodstream to show the chemical and metabolic processes taking place in the body. The tracers are absorbed by the body’s organs and tissues, and, when scanned by the PET/CT machine, create a digital image that shows doctors abnormal cell activity. This not only allows doctors to detect cancer, but also to see how far it has spread and if it has spread to other areas of the body. This is an important part of determining the most effective course of treatment for the patient. Once the patient has completed their treatment, another PET/CT scan is used to assess the effectiveness of the therapy and if additional treatment is needed.

PET/CT scans are also used to diagnose and treat a variety of other medical conditions like seizures and coronary artery disease. Their versatility in detecting a large variety of diseases makes them an indispensible medical technology.

MIF is saving lives with big investments into health screening technology.

Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg has just installed a new PET/CT machine that is equipped with the latest innovation in PET/CT technology–molecular imaging. The addition of this piece of equipment allows doctors to leverage the power of molecular imaging to further improve the detection and treatment of cancer.

This new machine is delivering all this innovation using a lower dose of radiation that results in a higher level of accuracy. For patients with metal implants, it implements technology to provide a clear picture, reducing or even eliminating the visual disruptions that would have distorted the image in other PET/CT machines.

The introduction of this new PET/CT technology to the Fredericksburg region will allow doctors the ability to leverage the power of early detection for more patients. That means more lives saved.


**Reprinted from Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce