woman getting a body composition scan

How the Advanced Body Composition Scan Elevates Your Weight Loss Plan

An advanced body composition scan can help you take your weight loss journey to the next level. The more information you can know about your body, the more effective your weight loss plan will be. Here’s how an advanced body composition scan can help you maximize your fitness goals.

So what is an Advanced Body Composition Scan?

The advanced body composition scan “provides an accurate picture of muscle, bone, and fat mass that aids in the design of customized weight loss programs for patients.” This quick, painless scan can identify and quantify your body’s exact amount of bone, lean muscle, and fat, creating an accurate total picture of the body to help you achieve targeted goals. You can be scanned multiple times throughout your weight loss journey, which allows you to track your progress and stay motivated.

Who can benefit from a Body Composition Scan?

Anyone can benefit from the knowledge gained from an advanced body composition scan. The accurate data provided by the body composition scan can be beneficial to people of all body types, whether you are overweight, at your ideal weight, or are an athlete who needs to carefully monitor physical health. Given that the scan gives information about your muscle/body fat composition, even those who are at an ideal weight can see if they have the proper amount of muscle or if they are at risk.  
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Why should I consider getting a Body Composition Scan?

When it comes to weight loss and physical training, knowledge is power. It’s important to know exactly how much fat, muscle, and bone mass you’re working with before, during, and after you meet your program goals. Regularly scheduled scans allow you to:

  • Show where the weight loss is coming from (fat stores or muscle mass).
  • Track visual changes with the Rate-of-Change report.
  • Allow you, your trainer, or your physician to adjust your plans and goals as you progress.