woman walking into a women's imaging center

Get Your Imaging Services at a Women’s Imaging Center

Choosing to entrust your diagnostic needs to a women’s imaging center can be very empowering. There’s nothing quite like receiving the very best medical care in a space designed just for women: beautiful, elegant, immaculate, and safe. Here are a few things you can expect when you get your imaging services at a women’s imaging center:


A women’s imaging center is custom-made just for women. You can feel safe and secure knowing that your needs are being cared for in an environment that was carefully created with you in mind.


A women’s imaging center is designed to make you comfortable from the moment you step through the doors. You won’t find a cold, sterile space. You can expect to be welcomed by warm, smiling faces, soft music, and lovely, restful surroundings. You might just feel like you’re visiting a day spa. From the robes offered to patients, to pleasantly warmed mammography machines, every detail has been considered with each patient’s comfort in mind.

Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Physicians

Every radiologist at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg is board certified and fellowship-trained. They are passionate about radiology, and their life’s work is to protect the health of their patients. Settle for nothing less when it comes to your diagnostic care.

A Women’s Imaging Center That Truly Cares

When you need imaging services, you need them to be delivered with gentleness and compassion. The patients at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg’s Women’s Imaging Centers experience this level of care first-hand every day:

“Absolutely the most compassionate care I have ever received from an imaging center. From scheduling my appointment to the day after everyone I spoke to and met were informative and caring. I could not have asked for better service or care.” -Lanie Beyer

“Everyone from the front desk to the techs and radiologists are very kind and made me feel comfortable. I never had to wait long. The results are fast. Same day results for mammogram/ultrasound and two days later for biopsy results. It’s rare to find a place that actually cares about their patients like they do these days.” -Katie Griffin

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