DEXA machine used to track weight loss

How Medical Imaging Helps You Track Weight Loss

Can medical imaging help you track and meet your weight loss goals? More than ever before, yes! With advanced technology like the True Body Index scan (now available at select Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg locations), you can be more in tune with your body than ever before.

How can a True Body Index scan help me track weight loss?

The advanced body composition scan or True Body Index scan “provides an accurate picture of muscle, bone, and fat mass that aids in the design of customized weight loss programs for patients.” This quick, painless scan can identify and quantify your body’s exact amount of bone, lean muscle, and fat, creating an accurate total picture of the body to help you achieve targeted goals. You can be scanned multiple times throughout your weight loss journey, which allows you to track your progress and stay motivated.

Who is utilizing the True Body Index scan?

Serious athletes, professional athletes, and people who are on a significant weight loss journey can really benefit from the detail and accuracy of advanced body composition scans. Having this kind of detailed knowledge about your body can help you target your efforts more strategically, resulting in better, faster results. “Initially I thought this journey was going to take a very long time: up to a year to achieve, and now I realize that my journey is NOT as long as I initially thought. And I think I can achieve that in a much quicker time frame now as a result of the DXA scan.” Kim, DXA scan user (True Body Index)

Why should I choose an advanced body composition scan?

“In the Texas A&M study, the body composition and bone mineral density of elite female college athletes was observed and tracked over competitive seasons. Although not the intent of the study, an interesting juxtaposition emerges between popularly reported body fat percentages and those measured in elite athletes. For example, the DEXA-measured body fat percentage of female swimmers (22.2%) and track sprint athletes (15%) seem pretty darn high when compared to popular (urban myth?) notions of single-digit leanness. So do yourself a huge favor and whether you’re looking to gain muscle or lose fat, don’t be beholden to the scale. Over the long haul, weight means nothing unless you can accurately assess whether that weight you’re trying valiantly to lose (or gain) actually consists of fat or muscle. Think your diet and training regimen is really working? The DEXA is a simple and sure-fire way of letting you know.” –Keith Norris

Talk to your doctor or trainer today to see if a True Body Index scan will help you achieve your weight loss goals!