True Open MRI at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg

5 Reasons You Might Want to Request an Open MRI Machine

For those who feel intimidated by a traditional MRI, an open MRI machine might be the perfect thing to put your mind at ease. Many patients prefer an open MRI because it’s less claustrophobic and makes them feel more comfortable. Do you think you need to request that your next MRI be in an open MRI machine? Here are five factors that might make an open MRI machine right for you.

Five Reasons to Choose an Open MRI

1. If You are Claustrophobic

If you have a fear of tight spaces, a traditional MRI can cause a great deal of anxiety. An open MRI machine, however, is open on all four sides, leaving the patient with fresh air, room to breathe, and a clear line of sight.

2. If You Suffer from Anxiety or Panic Attacks

The thoughtfully constructed nature of an open MRI machine makes it much more approachable to a patient who deals with anxiety and/or panic attacks. The open format can be much more comfortable and calming than that of a traditional MRI.

3. If the Patient is a Child

Getting a small child to remain still during an MRI exam may seem like an impossible feat. But an open MRI can allow for a parent to be present with the child throughout the exam, and even to hold them, which can make the procedure go so much more smoothly for everyone involved.

4. If You Have a High Body Mass Index

Patients with a high BMI may not fit comfortably in a traditional MRI machine, but an open MRI leaves plenty of room to stretch out and utilize comfort and positioning measures such as pillows and blankets.

5. If You Have Sensory Processing Issues

The advanced technology of an open MRI machine makes the procedure much quieter than traditionally loud MRI machines. This can reduce a patient’s anxiety and greatly increase their level of relaxation and comfort during the exam. Patients can also choose to utilize noise-reducing headphones to listen to music throughout the exam to further increase their comfort.