DEXA machine used to track weight loss

How Medical Imaging Helps You Track Weight Loss

Can medical imaging help you track and meet your weight loss goals? More than ever before, yes! With advanced technology like the True Body Index scan (now available at select Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg locations), you can be more in tune with your body than ever before.

How can a True Body Index scan help me track weight loss?

woman getting a body composition scan

How the Advanced Body Composition Scan Elevates Your Weight Loss Plan

An advanced body composition scan can help you take your weight loss journey to the next level. The more information you can know about your body, the more effective your weight loss plan will be. Here’s how an advanced body composition scan can help you maximize your fitness goals.

So what is an Advanced Body Composition Scan?

woman getting a body composition scan

The Body Composition Scan: Informing Your Training Program

You might have heard of BMI, often promoted as the standard for determining your “fitness” and especially your goal weight range. But for an athlete who is pushing his or her body to its highest level of performance, BMI is all but obsolete. The actual percentage of fat in your body’s composition is a much better indicator of fitness.