Health Scan™ is the preventative screening program for Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, a member of the Mary Washington Healthcare family of services. This program now offers preventative screenings for:

Colorectal cancers
Heart disease
Lung cancer
Abdominal aortic aneurysm

Health Scan uses advanced technology to identify risks early, allowing you to take action and protect your health as early as possible.

Regional Technology

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CT stands for Computed Tomography, which uses special x-ray equipment to help detect a variety of diseases and conditions. CT scanning is fast, painless, noninvasive, and accurate. The cross-section images collected during a CT scan are arranged for your radiologist by special computer software and can even generate three-dimensional images. The images produced are highly detailed and accurate. CT images of internal organs, bones, soft tissue, and blood vessels provide significantly more detail than x-rays, particularly of soft tissues and blood vessels.

With this specialized equipment and local expertise, Health Scan™ creates and interpret CT scans of the body, allowing our radiologists can more easily diagnose problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, colon, and lung disorders.

Radiation Safety

Patients sometimes wonder about the amount of radiation they will receive during an x-ray or CT scan; rest assured that all of the tests we offer are safe. The radiation dose for these scans is equivalent to living a year in Denver, Colorado and being exposed to the natural background radiation found there.

Lung Scan

For smokers who are at high risk of lung cancer, this scan detects lung cancer early using a low dose of radiation. During a Lung Scan, a CT scanner takes hundreds of images of your chest. The scan takes about 10 minutes to complete and only requires you to hold your breath for 5-10 seconds. Immediately after the scan, you will receive a consultation with a radiologist who will read and interpret your Lung Scan images. You and your physician will receive a detailed report of the findings and recommended action.

Virtual Colonoscopy

Unlike a traditional colonoscopy, our virtual colonoscopy does not require anesthesia, IV lines, or a scope. Instead, you lie comfortably on a scanning table for about 10 minutes, and air is introduced into the colon. This enables the scanner to take extremely accurate images of the colon in a much less invasive manner.

AAA Ultrasound

AAA screening can detect an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) using an ultrasound. An abdominal aortic aneurysm is an aneurysm in a major coronary artery that runs through the abdomen. AAA develops slowly and often with very few noticeable symptoms. Detecting an AAA early is critical, because the larger an AAA grows, the more likely it is to rupture and cause additional complications. AAA screening is done with a simple, painless ultrasound scan. You will be asked to fast for four hours before your appointment, and you can drink water in moderation. There is no radiation and no risk to the patient.

Heart Scan

A Heart Scan can detect heart disease before symptoms occur. During a Heart Scan, we use a high-speed CT scanner to look inside the heart and its arteries for calcium build-up. This measures and scores the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries, and helps determine your risk for heart disease. Heart Scan detects plaque build-up years before stress testing would be able to. A Heart Scan is painless and takes less than 30 minutes, including the time it takes to meet with a radiologist to discuss your results. Plus it's very affordable.


A DEXA Scan, also called a bone density scan, can help doctors diagnose osteoporosis before a fracture occurs. The scan uses dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, which means that x-rays are passed through your bones, and what is not absorbed is detected on the other side of the body. This allows doctors to determine the density of your bones.

Carotid Ultrasound

A carotid ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive procedure that uses sound waves to examine blood flow through the carotid arteries. This allows physicians to determine if you have blocked or narrowed carotid arteries, which can increase your risk of stroke. Because ultrasounds can see inside the body in real time, it allows doctors to determine how effectively blood is flowing through blood vessels. Ultrasounds are totally painless and do not use radiation. A carotid ultrasound only takes about 30 minutes, and you can resume your normal activities immediately after the exam.

True Body Index

The True Body Index provides an accurate picture of your body mass that aids in the design of customized weight loss programs for patients. This quick, painless scan can identify and quantify your body’s exact amount of bone, lean muscle, and fat, creating an accurate total picture of the body to help you achieve targeted goals. You can be scanned multiple times throughout your weight loss journey, which allows you to track your progress and stay motivated. The data provided by the scan can be beneficial to people of all body types, whether you are overweight, at your ideal weight, or are an athlete who needs to carefully monitor physical health. Given that the scan shows your muscle/body fat composition, even those who are at an ideal weight can see if they have unevenly developed muscle.

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