Fall Fashion Trend: How To Tie A Blanket Scarf


Fall is finally here (yay!). Riding boots, long-sleeve tees and scarves are the basics of any cold-weather wardrobe. One trend that’s sticking around this season? The blanket scarf. These over size pieces of fabric can feel a little daunting. But with so many ways to experience their comfort, why not try it for yourself

Here is a quick and simple way to tie your blanket scarf. Find 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf and more great ideas at Main Street Fredericksburg’s Lady Legacy!

1. Fold your scarf into a large triangle and place the long, folded side in your hands.

2. Throw the scarf over your shoulders and let each corner hang behind you.

3. Cross the ends behind your neck and brig them around to the front.

4. Tuck the ends underneath so they are hidden from view.


5. Reach for the left end of your scarf and pull it up toward your face.

6. Place that end of your scarf so it lies flat on top and ta-da! You’ve got an effortlessly asymmetrical blanket scarf to keep yo warm in the cold.

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