6 Ways to Tie Your Scarf Tutorial Video


Fall is the perfect time to learn some new scarf-tying skills. While there are a million ways to tie your beloved fabric accessories, this scarf tutorial sticks to quick and easy basics.

The Fall Scarf Tutorial

  • The Square is a classic technique that can be cute and comfy, or classy and sophisticated.
  • The Loop is about as classic as it gets. It’s especially great for underneath your peacoat in the winter.
  • The Knot is a fun alternative to The Loop. Super simple, but much more interesting!
  • The Love Knot is the perfect fall substitute for a head-band or hair piece. Plus, it looks cut on just about anyone.
  • The Faux Infinity is a pretty way to turn any of your normal scarves into an infinity scarf.

Want 46 more ways to look fabulous? Check out Downtown Fredericksburg’s Lady Legacy, who carries 50 Ways to Tie a Scarf by Lauren Friedman.

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