Abbreviated Breast MRI

Abbreviated Breast

Medical Imaging of North Stafford is proud to offer the latest screening tool for breast cancer. An Abbreviated Breast MRI is a leading-edge technology for screening women who are at intermediate to average risk for breast cancer. This supplemental screening has a 95% sensitivity in finding breast cancer and offers a much faster screening time.

Abbreviated Breast
MRI is for women who:

• Have had a normal screening mammogram within the last year

• Have dense breasts

• Have no significant family history of breast cancer (average risk)

• Do not qualify for diagnostic breast MRI

The American College of Radiology recommends that women with a personal history of breast cancer with dense breast tissue and/or women with a personal history of breast cancer diagnosed under age 50 get a yearly breast MRI in addition to a yearly mammogram.

Your screening mammogram will have your risk reported on the report. Please also confer with your healthcare provider for a more detailed assessment.

Available at the following location:

For more information or to schedule an
appointment, call 540-741-9729


Abbreviated Breast MRI is not covered by insurance and is required self-pay.