front office of one of our medical imaging facilities

Anthem’s Changes Will Not Affect Medical Imaging in Our Community

Hear from CEO, Ed Swager

If you are a patient with Anthem medical insurance, you may have heard about changes to some of the requirements for medical imaging that will occur in 2018.  Anthem’s new rules will require that high end outpatient imaging, like MRIs and CTs, for their fully insured patients be provided in a non-hospital setting that does not bill as a hospital.   

Patients in the surrounding area benefit from a unique partnership between Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg, Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, and Mary Washington Healthcare that ensures that patients in our region continue to receive the highest quality imaging.  

Patients in our community who are served by Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg and Mary Washington Hospital or Stafford Hospital (both part of Mary Washington Healthcare), will continue to receive the same high level medical imaging with no reduction in patient care or imaging quality.  This is because both hospital and outpatient services operate under the supervision of local radiologists at Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg.

As such, patients can be confident that when they receive care at either the hospital or Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, imaging will be provided by the same fellowship trained, board certified radiologists in facilities that are using the latest technology.

Physician Directed Care

The active involvement of Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg radiologists in both outpatient and hospital imaging means that patients will continue to receive the most appropriate imaging studies in the appropriate environment. Radiologic Associates of Fredericksburg radiologists work to support physician centered care by managing the diagnostic and treatment needs of patients, no matter the location.

High Quality Regional Outpatient Locations

Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg outpatient locations are strategically located throughout our region, including Lee’s Hill (I-95 Massaponax Exit 126), Fredericksburg, and North Stafford. These locations provide the highest levels of technology and customer service in the region, with customer service satisfaction rates that are 95% or higher. In addition to a high-quality experience, Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg outpatient centers offer much lower costs than what patients pay outside our area – a 27% savings, on average.

Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg centers provide access to world-class technology, including the only True Open MRI, 3T MRI, 3D Mammogram, and Molecular Imaging PET/CT services in the region. Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg and its regional service locations were set up to provide the very kind of outpatient imaging that is now being required by Anthem – outpatient imaging that is high-quality, and is equal or superior to what can be provided in a hospital. Patients receiving services in our region can be sure that the imaging provided at Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg is in no way inferior to that received at either hospital.  Whether imaging is received at Mary Washington Hospital, Stafford Hospital, or Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, patients can be certain that they are receiving the best available imaging, supported by the same, trusted radiologists, and that won’t change with Anthem’s new requirements.