Coronavirus (COVID-19) Screenings

In order to best protect our patients, staff, and our community during the COVID-19 outbreak, and to comply with CDC recommendations, Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, Medical Imaging at Lee’s Hill and Imaging Center for Women are offering reduced services (postponing routine screening exams such as; screening mammography, DEXA, screening heart, lung and virtual colonoscopy exams) as of Monday, March 23, 2020. The open facilities will maintain the regular hours of service and ALL modalities are open for urgent and emergent exams. Medical Imaging of North Stafford will be open for MRI and CT services beginning April 7, 2020.

Medical Imaging of Fredericksburg, LLC is implementing the following protocol.

  • Patients will be screened at the time of procedure scheduling, at time of appointment reminders, and upon arriving at the imaging facility.
  • Patients that screen or present with known PUI/COVID-19 exposure will be directed to our Medical Imaging at Lee’s Hill facility for their imaging needs.
  • Patients presenting with cough, fever, or respiratory symptoms will be given a mask to wear and an exam will be done.
  • We will use an expedited process for isolation of patients presenting with cough, fever, or respiratory symptoms, thus reducing contact with staff and other patients as well as allowing appropriate cleaning of the exam room after completion of the exam. When possible, we will use alternate entrances for these patients.
  • Imaging plays a very limited role in suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases.
  • CT Scan should not be used to screen for or as a first-line test to diagnose COVID-19. CT Scan should be used sparingly in COVID-19 suspected cases and be reserved for hospitalized, symptomatic patients with specific clinical indications for CT Scan.
  • Chest X-Rays should also be used sparingly in COVID-19 suspected individuals and be reserved for those cases where it will impact patient management and is clinically indicated.
  • We will resume normal services as soon as it is prudent for both the community and our healthcare providers.