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Get a Lung Scan – They’ll Love It!

If you’re a smoker, your family is understandably concerned about your health. Lung cancer is a scary prospect, and they worry about you. They’d rather you didn’t smoke. You’d rather you didn’t smoke, too.  Kudos to you for your efforts to quit – please don’t give up! If you have quit in the last 15 years or are still smoking, there is something you can do that will make your family happy – get a lung scan.

What is a lung scan? It’s a high tech low radiation procedure that examines your lungs and creates amazingly detailed images with a CT scan. It’s quick and it’s painless, and the best way to make sure that cancer isn’t hiding in your lungs.  It’ll give your family the reassurance they’re looking for and give you peace of mind.

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What Does the National Cancer Institute Say?

A lung scan is a low-dose CT scan that’s now recommended by Medicare as an early detection tool for lung cancer and other pulmonary problems. Not only is the test recommended by Medicare, but the National Cancer Institute (NCI) also recommends the test for people aged 55 to 74 with a history of smoking. The NCI-sponsored National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) found that this group are 20% less likely to die from lung cancer if they have a low-dose CT scan instead of just a traditional chest x-ray. The scan shows more detail, and makes spotting early signs of cancer easier.

Early detection, when combined with the right multi-specialty treatment, increases cancer survival rates significantly compared to waiting for symptoms to appear.

Get a Lung Scan – Talk to Your Doctor

If you’re a smoker, do your kids and your grandkids a favor, and talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of having a lung scan, especially if you have a 20+ pack year history. Do it today. Chances are good that a lung scan is covered by your insurance, and you’ll give the people who love you — and yourself — more peace-of-mind!

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