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3 Ways to Approach a Relative About a Lung Scan

If your loved one is a smoker or has a history of smoking, a lung scan could save their life.

As a relative or close friend, we have the unique ability to influence the critical decision-making of our loved ones. Here are three ways you can encourage them to get a lung scan.

Talk to them about prevention.

A lung scan can detect some cancers before there are even symptoms. This is vital to catching the cancer early and being able to treat it. According to the National Cancer Institute,“People aged 55 to 74 years with a history of heavy smoking are 20 percent less likely to die from lung cancer if they are screened with a low dose lung scan.” That’s why an annual lung scan is so important — the earlier you catch a problem, the better it can be treated.

Talk to them about their apprehension.

The truth is that 90% of lung cancer cases found are treatable. If your loved one is nervous about a lung scan because of the results they might find, remind them that lung cancer isn’t always terminal. A doctor at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has said, “Lung cancer screening has proven effective in detecting lung cancer when it’s still in its treatable stage.” Catching it early is the key.

If they are nervous about the lung scan itself, the procedure is actually quick and painless. It’s non-invasive and an IV isn’t required. All your loved one has to do is hold their breath for a few short seconds!

Talk to them about insurance coverage.

Your loved one might be avoiding an annual lung scan for financial reasons. That’s understandable. But because of the proven effectiveness of the scan, many insurers will cover an annual scan for those that meet the criteria. It’s worth checking with their provider to see if they are covered.

Approach Them About a Lung Scan Because You Care

Approaching someone you care for about getting a lung scan isn’t always easy. It’s important to remember that you are bringing it up because you want them to live a healthy, long life. If you want some extra assurance that this is right for your loved one, you can get recommendations for a lung scan and other screenings right here.


We recommend that your loved one talk to a doctor about a Lung Scan if they have a 20+ year pack history.

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