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How Medical Imaging Impacts Your Healthcare

Medical imaging ought to be an essential part of your healthcare. Having a skilled team of radiologists on your side can get you healthy faster and keep you healthy longer. Here’s how medical imaging can help you achieve your healthcare goals.

Allows Physicians to Perform Less Invasive Procedures

The most cutting-edge medical imaging allows physicians to diagnose and even treat illness without ever wielding a scalpel. That means:

  • Minimal discomfort
  • Less patient anxiety
  • More outpatient procedures
  • No recovery time

When diagnostics can be less invasive, patients are more likely to follow through with their appointments and get diagnosed at an earlier stage of illness, leading to better recovery outcomes. Less invasive outpatient procedures also lead to reduced overall costs, as they don’t require costly hospital stays.

It Can Provide Early Diagnosis

Advances in medical imaging have greatly improved the accuracy of screenings for disease, aiding in earlier and earlier diagnoses. Without these advances, it would be impossible to detect these diseases until they reached a much more life-threatening stage. With the advent of molecular imaging, disease can now be detected at the very earliest stages at the cellular level. This leads to more accurate treatment and far better patient outcomes.

It Can Save You Money

A Harvard Medical School study demonstrated that every dollar spent on inpatient imaging translated to three dollars in total savings, and that every $385 spent on imaging decreased hospital stays by one day, saving up to $3,000 per patient. While top-notch imaging can seem costly at the outset, in the long run it saves a huge amount of money on hospital stays and prevents the more extensive, invasive disease treatment that would be required if the disease was detected in a later stage.

Medical Imaging Leads to More Accurate Treatment

The days of scattershot disease treatment are behind us. Advance medical imaging techniques allow your physicians to treat you artfully and precisely, attacking the disease and little else. Medical imaging allows your physician to make accurate, evidence-based decisions regarding your care. This leads to better treatment, better recovery outcomes, and decreased mortality and morbidity.


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