technician explaining the open sided mri to a patient

How an Open Sided MRI Makes You Feel Comfortable

Claustrophobia (a fear of tight or enclosed spaces) is a very common concern for MRI patients, but an open sided MRI can help relieve some of this anxiety. Here are just a few ways to have a calm, comfortable experience with an open sided MRI.

An Open Sided MRI Gives You Room to Breathe

A high-field open MRI has open sides, giving you more space to get comfortable. It is ideal for patients who need a little more space for their mental well-being and even physical size. Patients with a high BMI sometimes need more room than a traditional MRI allows, making an open sided MRI an ideal solution.Because it’s open, there is more airflow through the machine, preventing it from getting too hot or cold. An open sided MRI lessens the stifling atmosphere seen in a closed machine.

An Open Sided MRI Allows for Extra Comfort Measures

With the extra space an open sided MRI provides, patients can get a little bit more comfortable.  Patients have the option of using a blanket, pillows, and even listening to their own music. These extra measures can help with comfort and a reduction in anxiety. An open sided MRI also allows a clear line of sight between you and your technician, which helps maintain a sense of control over the situation.

Open MRI for Children

An open MRI can provide extra comfort to children who may be nervous in a hospital environment. Parents can sit with the child in the room during the scan, which can bring comfort to both the child and the parent.

An open MRI isn’t always an option for patients, but your doctor will recommend what is best for your needs. It’s worth asking if an open MRI will achieve the results needed if you feel anxious about a closed MRI.


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