3D mammogram explained

The Doctor said, “You need to get a mammogram.”

A Patient’s Perspective

Hearing your doctor tell you that you need a mammogram because of a concern, is not the kind of news that anyone enjoys. For most women it causes some anxiety. Even if the lump is very small, and you tell yourself it probably isn’t anything, the first priority is to make an appointment as soon as possible.

My first contact with MIF was with the person who made my appointment. My insurance was a little unusual and I was concerned I would have to pay everything up front and out-of-pocket. My concerns were unfounded. Carrie was so helpful and kind. She called my insurance, contacted the doctor to make sure I had the correct script, and got me in the very next day. She said, “I am sure you would like to get in here and know what is going on.” She was both compassionate and very understanding—calming my nerves before I even arrived at the office.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

The same kind and compassionate tone was there to greet me when I arrived the next morning. At registration, Kim was attentive and undistracted by all the activity around her. I had my questions answered, filled out the paperwork (in the form of a very easy-to-use tablet), paid my co-pay, and sat comfortably to wait.

Within 10 minutes, Monae called me back to the exam rooms. She led me to a comfortable room where she gave me a gown and a locking cupboard for my clothes. Then she took me to a waiting room with other ladies. There was water, coffee, tea and snacks as well as blankets in case I was cold. The TV was on a station that all the ladies not only enjoyed watching but wanted to talk about—helping us all to relax and feel at home.

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Then came my turn for the Mammogram. Mary Jude came to get me, brought me into her exam room and asked me a few questions. While taking me through the mammogram, she was kind and concerned for my comfort and my privacy. I could see her professionalism in a way that made me appreciate her competence and assured me that she was getting all the pictures the doctor would need.

I was brought back to the waiting room to await a follow-up ultrasound as prescribed by my doctor. About 15 minutes later, I was greeted by Deborah. “Are you cold?” she asked. She grabbed a warm blanket on the way to her exam room. I rested on a table, she turned down the lights, put that wonderful warm blanket on me, and pulled the curtain to ensure my privacy as she was doing the ultrasound. She was friendly, and we talked about her family, making me feel comfortable and at ease.

Results On-The-Spot

After the ultrasound I met with Dr. Medsker who gave me the good news that I had nothing to worry about. He went through the mammogram and ultrasound pictures with me explaining what he saw and said, “see you in a year.”

My report was sent to my doctor and emailed to me before the end of the day.

I will not go anywhere other than MIF for my imaging needs. It turned out to be a pleasant experience despite the circumstances that brought me to the office.